Youkai Watch Episode 111

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Youkai Watch 111 @ nyaa

This episode’s youkai was just Ohbahger, which I romanized a bit funny to try and make it sound more like “oh my god” (or a bit more like “oh mah gawd” or slightly unfortunately, the “ermergerd”), which is half of its origin. The other half is the obvious “burger” which influences his appearance.


Youkai Watch Episode 104

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whoops late again

Finally, here’s 104. Yeah, it’s FFXIV distracting me still. Been feeling like I’m in a bit of a slump lately too, but I’ll continue to push through and try to get 105 out as soon as I can.

Youkai Watch 104 @ nyaa

This episode’s youkai were Karayaburi (カラヤブリ), Otsubonesama (おつぼね様), and Ichicken (インチキン). Karayaburi is straight forward, “to break out of (one’s) shell”. Otsubonesama’s name comes in-part from a term for a court lady with her own private chambers, plus the name suffix “-sama”. Inchicken is obviously from chicken, but it also connects to インチキ (inchiki), to cheat or fool someone.